Arctic Tern Equipment

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The Arctic Tern is Offered Fully Equipped.

If It's Not Included, You Don't Need It.



Proposed Standard Equipment

Base Airframe & Powerplant Instrumentation Safety and Convenience
Lycoming O-320-D1A 160 HP Recording Tachometer Whelen Anti-Collision Lights
Hartzell 80" Constant Speed Prop Oil Temperature Gauge Whelen Position Lights
41.5 Gallon Fuel System Oil Pressure Gauge Landing Light
8.50-6 Tires Manifold Pressure Gauge Drop Down Instrument Panel
3200 Tailwheel Ammeter Panel Red Spot Light
Dual Flight Controls 4-Cyl. CHT/EGT Gauge Cabin Dome Light
Dual Seaplane Doors Low-Range Airspeed Indicator Baggage Compartment Light
External Cargo Loading Door Altimeter Shoulder Harness, Front and Rear
Ground Maneuvering Handles Vertical Speed Indicator Fold-Down/Removable Rear Seat
Engine Oil Quick-Drain Electric Turn Coordinator 2 Rear Seat Storage Bins
2 Piece Quick Remove Cowling Compass Parking Brake
Factory Corrosion Protection Directional Gyro
Float Fittings Artificial Horizon Comfort and Finish
Vacuum Pump Leather Upholstery
Avionics Suction Gauge Wing-Root Shelves
Garmin GNC 250XL GPS/Comm Cabin Heater/Defroster
Garmin GTX 320A Transponder Electrical Adjustable Front Seat
Sigtronics Intercom w/Stereo Hawker XT-16 Battery Passenger Heating/Cooling Vents
Altitude Encoder Skytec Starter
Lightweight ELT InterAv Alternator and Regulator


Proposed Optional Equipment

Tundra Tires


Alaska Bushwheel 31"

$3,400/pair + Shipping Landis L2500A Straight $3,080 Installed
Alaska Bushwheel 29" $3,100/pair + Shipping Landis LW2500 Wheel $4,885 Installed
Alaska Bushwheel 26" $2,700/pair + Shipping Wipline C-2200 Hydraulic $16,500 Installed
Goodyear 26" $800/pair
Garmin GNS 480 IFR Package    $8,950 Installed
Straight Floats Garmin GNS 480 GPS/WAAS/VOR/ILS/Comm
Wipline 2100 $26,500 Installed Garmin GTX 32 Remote Transponder
PK B2300 $25,700 Installed Mid-Continent MD200-306 CDI/Annunciator
Baumann BF2550 $26,600 Installed
32 Gallon Belly Tank           $3,200 Installed
Wipline 2100A $42,400 Installed Tost Tow Hook 018525          $1,695 Installed
PK 2250 $45,500 Installed
Baumann BF2550A $46,900 Installed

* All equipment availability and pricing subject to change.